Amphibious Trailer to Tow a Vehicle Down the Highway and Across the Water

amphibious trailer to tow vehicles on the water

a trailer to tow down the highway and accross the water

Amphibious Trailer?  When you here the words Amphibious Vehicle it’s hard not to immediately have the image of a James Bond movie pop into your head where 007 drives into the water in his Austin Martin and drives under the water.  Although much less glamorous, Rolling Barge designs and builds amphibious trailers to tow large items such as a truck or crane across the water.

The design of our floating utility trailers is essentially the same as our floating docks-kits, but are also equipped with wheels, hitch and motor transom.  Once these converted floating docks are licensed they are highway legal and are considered a boat by the DMV. The weight capacity is 5,000 pounds, which would be enough to tow most vehicles.  Depending on the weight of the load, the decking would need to be reinforced to stand up to the vehicle weight.