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Why there’s nothing better than a RollingBarge DIY Floating Dock Kit


Rolling Barge docks are constructed with a rugged truss design. A completed Rolling Barge dock is so strong that you can hang it from the corners and not see it flex an inch. You can drag it behind the back of an ATV without a problem. You can even push the dock down a cliff into the water. Seriously—our customers have done all of these. 


Detailed, step-by-step instructions make this do-it-yourself floating dock kit a simple process. The only tools you need are a few wrenches and a drill. We’ve never seen a customer fail to complete one of our products. If you can put together your own bed frame, bookcase or dining room table, you can assemble a RollingBarge dock.


Our docks can be installed in almost any environment. Every part in our kit weighs less than 3 lbs. Whether you are getting a floating dock kit for a pond in your backyard or you need to put it together at the bottom of a 50-foot cliff, you can assemble a RollingBarge dock anywhere.


Our docks are built with 6061-T6 aluminum and aluminum bolts and nuts. They are completely corrosion resistant and will outlive the decking by a wide margin. Our docks are ABYC salt-water approved and will last a lifetime even in the most corrosive environments.


The freight company will schedule a delivery appointment with you and drop the pallet off right at your doorstep. Pallets take up little space and can be easily stored until you are ready to install your dock. The pieces are light-weight and easy to handle. From delivery to assembly, the project will run on your schedule.

Modular Design:

RollingBarge docks are built out in 4×4’ sections, with the largest individual structure reaching 8×32’. Want something bigger? No problem. We offer connectors kits that let you combine multiple docks into just about any size or configuration. These connectors kits also allow you to easily add sections onto your dock in the future.

Freeze-Proof Design:

You can leave your RollingBarge dock in the water year-round without fear of your lake freezing over. The round barrels just pop up on top of the ice leaving your dock safe throughout the winter. Imagine getting rid of the annual hassles of removing your dock in the fall and putting it back in at the start of spring…

No Permitting Problems:

RollingBarge is a licensed boat manufacturer. We can issue you a US Coast Guard Boat Certificate of Origin which would allow you to register your dock as a boat. When you legally license your dock as a boat, you can get around high permitting costs or even outright dock bans in your community.

What size docks are available?

Our dock kits come in 4’ increments ranging from 4×8’ to 8×32’.
If you want a large dock than that, you’ll simply order multiple docks with connector kits to create your own unique layout.

What is included in your kit?

-All the parts and fasteners for assembling your dock frame.
-Stainless Steel deck screws for fastening down your deck.
-Step-by-step assembly instructions
-Free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states

What are you responsible for?

Decking and barrels. Locally sourced decking and barrels are the most cost-effective way to build your dock. Search for 55-gallon barrels on your local Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.
-Assembling the dock.
-Wrenches and a drill.

Have more questions? Get in touch with us to find out why RollingBarge offers the best floating dock kits for sale on the internet.

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