Trail Bridge Kits

Why Nothing Else Even Comes Close

Incredible Strength & Durability

Able to handle from 1,500 to 9,000 pound vehicle loads & snow loads up to 90 lbs/ sq ft. ATV & Snowmobile safe. Our 6061 T6 Aluminium frame and anodized Aluminium fasteners means your bridge will last a lifetime.

Ship Anywhere

Our kits are engineered with small light weight parts(no part over 8’) allowing for extreme remote transportation including pack horses and small planes

Assemble Anywhere

No matter where you assemble your bridge it will be a piece of cake. All you’ll need is two socket wrenches, a cordless drill and, You’ll have your bridge assembled in a few hours.


The alternatives to carry the loads our bridges can handle are large pre-assembled fibreglass, welded aluminium, welded steel, or wood bridges. As far as cost, you’ll be quite surprised that, for the same payload, you’ll pay a lot less if you use Rolling Barge to cross that creek.


Three widths: 4 and 6 wide that go to 72 feet long. And 8 feet wide that goes to 48 feet long.

What’s Included

What You Provide:

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