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Why nothing comes close to a RollingBarge bridge


 All of our bridges are built to specific strength standards. Need a bridge to drive your ATV, tractor or snowmobile over? We’ve got a bridge for that. Need a 66’ pedestrian bridge that can meet the rigorous 90 PSF standards of the US Forest Service? We’ve got a bridge for that, too. No matter what load you need to carry, RollingBarge has a fully engineered bridge to help you meet your goal.


Detailed, step-by-step instructions make assembly a simple process. The only tools you need are a few wrenches and a drill. We’ve never seen a customer fail to complete one of our products. If you can put together your own bed frame, bookcase or dining room table, you can assemble a RollingBarge bridge.


Our bridges can be constructed anywhere. Every part in our kit weighs less than 20 lbs. You can load all the parts and fasteners into the back of an ATV trailer and put the bridge together on site. Even the most remote hiking trails are accessible for a RollingBarge bridge.


Our bridges are built with 6061-T6 aluminum. They are completely corrosion resistant and will outlive the decking by a wide margin. If you install a RollingBarge bridge, you will never need to replace it.


The freight company will schedule a delivery appointment with you and drop the pallet off right at your doorstep. Pallets take up little space and can be easily stored until you are ready to install the bridge. The pieces are light-weight and easy to handle. From delivery to assembly, the project will run on your schedule.

What size bridges are available?

Below are the bridge lengths that we offer. These bridges all come in 4’ 6’ 7’ widths. 4’  8’  12’  16’  20’  24’  28’  32’  36’  40’  44’  48’  52’  54’  56’  60’  66’  72’

What is included in your kit?

-All the parts and fasteners for assembling your bridge frame.

-Stainless Steel deck screws for fastening down your deck.

-Step-by-step assembly instructions

-Free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states

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