The Rolling Barge Story

It all started when my wife and I almost bought an island on the Columbia River. It was only 2.5 miles from the nearest launch ramp, but moving supplies from our trailer to a boat seemed like a lot of extra work. We figured if the trailer floated we could load it up at home and then simply back it down the launch ramp and motor across the river. It turned out nobody was making a floating trailer and we thought that perhaps we could make one for ourselves.


We built our first floating trailer in June of 2005 using inflatable pontoons. These were way too expensive and not nearly rugged enough for the crowd we run with. Then a neighbor gave us 20 free 55 gallon plastic drums. They were shaped like a pontoon, but they were very rugged and they were FREE!


We never did buy the island, but we discovered the power in the floatation of a plastic barrel and why they are superior to traditional floats used in most commercial floating docks and Party Barges, so we started to bring the power of Barrel Float Technology to the rest of the world!


We have spent the last seven years learning to float on 55 gallon polyethylene drums. Using these amazing floatation devices, we have built everything from $50,000 two-story aluminum party barges, to $500 wooden floating docks.


Plastic Barrels are incredibly strong and readily available throughout the world. Reconditioned barrels sell for $5 to $20 in the U.S. and a single 22lb barrel displaces almost 500lbs of water. The shape of the barrel gives it its strength, but it also makes it more difficult to use as a float. However, we have developed patent pending dock and boat designs that take advantage of the barrel’s strengths to bring you cost effective products built to last a lifetime.


Watch the video below for an overview of some of our accomplishments over the years.


Then scroll through this website and see if a product from is right for you!


Happy Boating!

Philip C. Kazmierowicz
Founder & CEO
Rolling Boat, Inc.