PWC Trailer that Floats

The very first project we did using floating barrels was back in 2005. We wanted a way to tow our atv’s and Personal Watercraft across large bodies of water. In our case it was the Columbia River, which acts as the border between the States of Washington and Oregon. Even though you could technically ride a PWC from one side to the other it is not advised, since the currents are quite strong in the river and it’s doesn’t help that it is also a major shipping lane. So we needed to construct something that we could use in this situation. What we came up with was the genesis of our Party Barge. The mini PWC Barge as we call them, is ideal for both fresh and salt water and provides a steady platform for carrying several pwc’s and/or atv’s. These small barges can also be used as work barges when needing a large surface and weight capacity for commercial equipment.