Temporary Bridge in Texas

We sold this Light-Duty Bridge Kit to Manny in central Texas. He was contracted by an apartment complex to find a way to give residents access to the elementary school and park on the other side of a spillway. His bridge measures 32 x 6’ and is rated for a live load of 3,000 lbs. He used 2×6 treated pine boards as his decking.

He had two more guys on his team and managed to assemble the bridge in only two days. They built the lightweight aluminum frame (only 420 lbs without decking) in a parking lot where the flat ground made assembly exceptionally easy. Once the frame was complete, they put it onto a dolly and rolled it over to the spillway. After the bridge was set in place, they fastened down the decking to complete the assembly. The last thing on Manny’s list to wrap the whole project is to tidy up the approach to the bridge with some concrete. According to Manny, the catwalk project was a straightforward, inexpensive and solution to his problem.

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