Snowmobile Bridge in New Hampshire


We sold this 52×6’ Heavy-Duty Bridge Kit to the Evergreen Snowmobile Club in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Bureau of Trails provided funding while members of the club organized the assembly and installation. The lightweight design and ability to assemble and disassemble with ease played a big part in the state giving the green light to funding.

The team assembled the modular bridge in 16’ sections in a large garage before loading them up and driving them out to the installation site. Once on site, they seamed all of the sections together and, prior to adding decking, set the bridge in place. The team then set to work fastening down the plywood decking (the most time-consuming part of the process, believe it or not). All in all, they were extremely happy with the bridge—it’s even become a point of pride for the members who have been taking tons of pictures.





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