Rolling Dock – Maumee, Ohio

This 24×8′ floating dock has heavy duty plastic wheels that allow it to be rolled up the bank. Also included is a 20×4′ feee spanning gangway. The kit was shipped with everything except the barrels.

The customer had this to say:

“Phil: Dock + boat went in the water a couple weeks ago. I am 100% satisfied with with the dock. The engineering was great, everything fit without alteration, and the assembly instructions worked exactly as described. Turns out the river bottom is rock which I didn’t feel I could get posts deep enough into to hold the dock against some of the current we get in the maumee river. My solution , as shown in the pics, was steel reinforced plates on both ends attached to 6×6 posts on the bank at 2 positions on each end with galvanized pipe, chains and clips. This system should make it easier for removal and instalation of the dock in winter and spring.
Again Thanks for your help and I’ll let you know if there are any problems with the dock or my system of securing it. Another satisfied customer: Jerry”