Quad Bridge for a Creek in Michigan


We sold this 44×6’ bridge to Wayne in Michigan. His family had 15 acres on the other side of a creek and, for years, had been carefully riding their ATV over a log to access it. He finally decided to build an atv bridge for a safer, permanent access point to the rest of his property.

His team trailers the parts out near the eventual bridge site and set to work assembling. Once they had the frame fully assembled, they hooked up one end to a pickup truck and attached the other with a come along. They slowly ratcheted it across the creek until they had it set in place.

Tom was very happy with the experience and says that we were the only option he could find for a permanent, simple solution that he could easily get into place. They chose RollingBarge for their bridge because of the reasonable price point and Wayne is very happy with how the product turned out!









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