League City Texas Floating Dock Project

We sold this aluminum gangway and aluminum floating dock kit to James in Texas. His system included an 8×28’ Truss Dock with handrails and a 4×32’ aluminum gangway. James picked up some barrels from a local supplier and piled them into his trailer. He then assembled his dock frames in his shop before moving them outside to attach the decking and install the barrels. The 8×28’ Truss Dock turned out to be a bit heavier than James was expecting once all the decking had been installed. James would probably opt to build (2) 4×28’ Truss Docks and bolt them together on the water if he had to do it over again. Once he launched the dock and hinged it to his gangway, however, James was very pleased with the final result and he has already recommended our products to some of his friends.

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