Alaska Kayak Dock

In August of 2010 we shipped our first dock kit to Alaska. This customer has a dozen or so kayaks. Because kayaks are so low in the water, he was looking for a dock with a low freeboard. We designed him a system that used 30 gallon drums instead of the usual 55 gallon drums. 30 gallon drums are only 19″ in diameter, so the deck of an unloaded dock sits about 14-15″ above the water instead of the usual 20″. This customer had this to say about his dock kit:

“Dear Phil,
Thank you so much for your attention to our order. Your packing and palletizing of the eight modules into a single frame was impressive and made the trip to Alaska without any parts coming loose or damaged. It became evident as we began assembling the parts how well engineered and the quality of your docks. I really appreciate your design details for the thirty gallon barrel floats, grinding corners of the foot pads on the gangway and the nuts to accommodate sliding the ThruFlow decking into place and the perfect spacing for one ThruFlow deck piece where two modules join. The docks will be used to moor and hold our collapsible Feathercraft kayaks. These are the finest collapsible kayaks made in the world. Engineering is impeccable of the highest quality high-tech materials with a reputation for dependability and very popular in Alaskan waters. I had searched years for dock designs with similar attributes also including light-weight, ease of disassembly for winter when no one would be here, and minimum susceptibility to the degradation to the natural elements. Your docks are the perfect match for our kayaks and Alaskan environment. I’m looking forward to showing more Alaskans these superb docks and gangway. Thank you for accommodating my particular requirements. Please plan a trip to Alaska to visit and stay with us.”