Helicopter Pad in Oregon

OK, so no helicopters have landed on it yet, but it is big enough to accommodate! The customer owns a private 18 acre lake and was looking for a jumbo dock that would reach out into the lake far enough to get out to the really good fishing.

The main dock is 24×24′ and the Gangway is 32×4′. The dock was delivered in three 24×8′ sections. Each section was launched like a boat at a launch ramp. The three sections were then bolted together on the water. While still at the launch ramp the gangway was set on the floating dock and the entire system was towed into place with an electric boat. The whole installation took four guys five hours.

The lake level changes fairly dramatically over the course of the year and the customer had these comments a few months after we installed the dock:

“DOCK … High Water … No Problem
Hi Philip …. the neighbor said he never saw the lake so high before …. it was 4 feet from going over the road coming in …. The ramp going to our dock was flat … No drop going down to the dock at all …. then over the next 3 days the water level dropped back down and so did the dock … no problem … I checked all the lines and cables … All good … Bring on the next flood … We are ready …
Thanks… Doug”