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Do you have a steep slope that needs a safe way to get up and down? Rolling Barge lightweight kits are ideal for building stairs into a hillside . Our kits are designed for all types of terrain, shoreline access, and a variety of other applications where exterior stairs are the best way to get from point A to point B .

Our bolt-together aluminum stairs are easy to assemble and install . You won’t need any special tools or construction skills to build beautiful and cost-effective DIY hillside stairs . Just follow our simple instruction manual and in a few hours you’ll have a safety-approved stair system that will last a lifetime with zero environmental impact .

Stair Solutions for Hills and Cliffs

Hillside Stairs

Cliff Stairs

Hillside Stairs

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Available in 8′ long by 3′ wide increments and can be linked together to 100′ or more .
Each 8′ section is held in place by four aluminum posts that are driven into the ground (concrete optional) .
3′ long landings are available that can be installed at the top, bottom, or in between 8′ stair sections .
Handrail options: None, one side or both sides .
handrails meet the OSHA safety requirement of 200lbs in any direction .
If hillside erosion occurs, the posts can be repositioned and the stairs can be adjusted to make them level again .
The hillside stairs must be decked with pressure treated 2×10’s or something similar that is capable of spanning 36″ .
Conclusion: These hillside stair kits are quicker to install and significantly longer lasting than the conventional method of mounting treated wooden posts in concrete and building the entire staircase out of treated wood .

Handrails 3 Different Ways

Stairs for Cliffs

These stair kits are 4′ wide and include handrails on both sides that meet OSHA safety requirements of 200 lbs in any direction .

They are designed to free-span from 12′ to 40′ . This means they can be installed on a cliff with one connection on the ground in front of the cliff and the other connection at the top of the cliff .

Because there are only two mounting points per each span (up to 40′), versus conventional hillside stair methods, these stairs are very easy to install on rocky and/or unstable hillsides .
The cliff stairs can be decked with treated wood boards or simulated wood like Trex (both 24″ and 16″ center supports are available) .
Conclusion: These cliff stair kits are often the only option for building stairs up steep and unstable cliffs .

Stair kits include

• All required hardware

• Aluminum support posts

• Deck screws
• Free Shipping

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