How to Prevent Floating Barrels from Leaking

“Floating dock barrels, how do you keep them from leaking?” Since Rolling Barge manufactures all of our floating docks with barrels, this question is one of the most common ones we get about the engineering viability or our products.

After 5 years of using polyurethane drums as the floatation device for our floating docks, swim platforms and party barges, we have never experienced any breaches in the barrels causing them to leak.

If you purchase your barrels new then they will be airtight. If you purchase your barrels used you should inspect them carefully for any large holes. In almost 100 percent of the cases the barrels will not have any problems.

Here’s a tip to ensure the barrels won’t leak…

There should be a plastic gasket that fits between the plug and the hole. If this gasket is in good shape, you should not have any trouble with your barrels leaking. If the gasket is questionable and you cannot buy new gaskets, then you can add a bead of silicon all around the threads of the plug before you screw it in.

plastic barrels leaking

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