Floating Dock Permits–How to Solve the Problem

If floating dock permits are costly where you live, you’ll be happy to know that all of our floating docks  can be registered as a U.S. Coast Guard Approved boat and fully insurable as a vessel. If you are having trouble getting permits to install a dock, find out if you can legally park a boat in front of your waterfront property. If so, licensing one of our docks as a boat could be just the break you have been looking for. Note: we have several customers that have completely avoided permit fees because their dock is licensed as a boat. Better yet, several live on lakes that do not permit docks at all–problem solved!

 A 10HP outboard will push this barge about 4 mph. With the tiny electric outboard shown here, the dock went about 1 mph.  Transoms are available in our accessories section with options for several motor sizes.  If you install a motor to your dock you will be able to move it out into deep water and use it for a swim platform or just put around the lake like a regular boat.

avoid floating dock permits

put put put, the little 1 hp electric motor powers this 28 foot dock at about 1 mph