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Floating Docks and Floating Barrel Technology

RollingBarge.com has just introduced the first rolling floating dock. Our docks are 8.5 feet wide and can be built up to 32 feet long. Each dock has a galvanized Dexter Torflex® highway rated axle. www.dexteraxle.com/torflex_axles

The bearings are protected by Air Tight® seals that are designed to be submersed continuously for one year without allowing water into the wheel bearing cavity. www.airtighthubs.com

Prices: Floating Dock Kit – Price List

The pictures above and below show a 32 x 8.5 foot dock section with wheels being towed behind a truck.
On top of the dock section is resting a 32 x 4.3 foot gangway that will be used to attach the dock to the shore.

Our Rolling Floating Docks provide the following benefits:

  • Launch into the water from any standard boat launch ramp.
  • Easy to deploy along steep banks where towing the dock across the water is the only option.
  • A single dock section can be up to 32 feet long, providing significantly more stability than standard floating docks that are pieced together from multiple sections.

Our Rolling Floating Dock can easily be towed behind any boat at speeds of 3-4 mph.
Once in location, the dock can be positioned as you would any other floating dock.

The pictures above show a 32 x 8.5 foot floating dock section attached to the shore with a 32 x 4 foot gangway.

The gangway is the same design as the floating dock so barrels
can be added to allow the gangway to be floated into position.

There are many types of “floating docks” from polyethylene floats with a non-skid surface, to wooden decks with floatation attached underneath. Floating docks usually weigh in excess of 5 lbs per square foot. To keep the weight per section down, floating docks are almost always built in sections no larger than about 8×10’ with a weight no greater than about 400 lbs. The sections are then attached together in the water with some type of flexible attachment that allows the sections to move somewhat independently. This helps the sections survive the force of waves pounding on the dock, but it also makes for a much less stable dock surface.

There are very few commercially available floating docks with a continuous span of 30+ feet and there are no floating docks with highway rated wheels. RollingBarge.com is proud to be the first to introduce such a design.

The RollingBarge.com Floating Dock System can be used to build two story docks up to 32 feet long and 17 feet wide. These docks fold up in the launch ramp parking lot to 9 foot wide to allow them to be easily towed on the highway.
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Permits a Problem?

All our floating docks can be registered as U.S. Coast Guard Approved boats and are fully insurable. If you are having trouble getting permits to install a dock, find out if you can legally park a boat in front of your cabin. If so, licensing one of our docks as a boat could be just the break you have been looking for!

Transoms are available for all of our docks in sizes from 10HP to 60HP. A small outboard can be used to move the dock several hundred yards or several miles.

Our Rolling Floating Docks are shipped in kits that you can assemble yourself, or pay one of our certified people to take care of it for you. AssemblingYourRollingFloatingDock.pdf

Prices: Floating Dock Kit – Price List

The pictures above and below show a fully assembled forty foot long dock hanging from four points.
Can your dock do this?

For easy delivery, the dock has been separated into two pieces, each 20 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. They will be launched separately and then bolted together on the water.

The pictures above and below show one of the 20 foot long sections of dock being towed from the launch ramp.

Bolting the docks together took about 45 minutes.

A piece of decking filled the gap between docks and the final product is one, continuous, incredibly stable, beautiful dock.

Join the family of proud Rolling Barge owners and get yourself a floating dock/barge that is engineered to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.