Deck Boat Used a Work Barge

An engineering and construction firm needed a deck boat to perform an installation on the Willamette River here in Oregon.  They came to Rolling Barge and asked us to convert one of our boat docksDeck Boats for Sale into a small work barge to perform the task.

They also needed us to actually assist them with the installation since they were not very comfortable driving a large converted dock up one of the west’s largest rivers.  So for a brief moment Rolling Barge was in the self-cleaning intake screen business.  We loaded over 2000 lbs of equipment and tools on the barge and drove it upstream about 1 mile. We used the 1000lb davit crane to set our base, our support piles, and our screen in place. This set-up worked very well for our type of in-water work, which consists of components that are too large to handle and a site that was inaccessible by crane (look at the cliff in the images below)  The barge worked great and there was lots of space on the deck for our tools.

work barge on a trailer


Portable Utility Barge
crane on a small work barge

equipment utility barge


Small River Barge


Inexpensive Work Barge