Houseboat/Floating Home Platform

Shown here is a 40×16′ platform that could be used to float a houseboat or floating home. This design stands the barrels on end to increase the carrying capacity.

This platform will support 38 lbs/sq ft while keeping the aluminum frame two inches above the water. That’s over 24,000 lbs spread evenly across the platform.

This will work equally well in fresh or salt water as only the plastic barrels will be touching the water. This platform is a U.S. Coast Guard boat and even if it will not be used as a houseboat, licensing it as such might avoid expensive dock permits.

The total cost for a 40×16′ Platform including all framing, fasteners, plywood decking, and shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. is $19,537. User must supply 136 fifty-five gallon polyethylene drums.

Smaller sizes are available for roughly $30 per square foot including shipping.