Here at Rolling Barge we engineer a variety of products, everything from Floating Docks, Floating Trailers, Pontoon Fishing Boats even GIGANTIC Two Story Party Barges. We classify our products in three categories: Kits, Assembled and Plans.


As the name implies all of the Rolling Barge products can be ordered fully assembled and ready for launch when your order is delivered. In many cases Rolling Barge clients will have us not only deliver a product fully assembled, but will have us launch it for them for a completely turn-key project.


Many Rolling Barge products can be purchased as a kit. Because of the way we engineer our products our kits include detailed easy to follow dock kit instructions that create perfectly assembled final products. The main advantage of purchasing a kit over an assembled dock or barge is the cost savings. You will save a significant amount of money assembling the dock yourself versus having Rolling Barge do the assembly at our plant here in Oregon. The other way you will save money is on the shipping by sourcing the barrels and decking locally. The other advantage of purchasing a kit is that you will have the satisfaction of knowing you built the strongest most well engineered and cost effective dock on your lake or river!


Our plans were created for those people that need a floating dock, however have a budget of $1,000 or less. In order to keep your costs as low as possible our plans are designed to be constructed with wood. All the materials for your dock can be sourced locally and you will not need any special tools other than the typical tools that any garage enthusiast would already have. We have created these plans to be constructed with two distinct layout sizes for Floating Docks. The sizes are(12’ x 8’) 12 feet long by eight feet wide and (16’ x 6’) 16 feet long by 6 feet wide. Like our assembled and kit products, when constructed these docks can be licensed as boats so if your lake or river has permit issues this is a very effective way of getting around those restrictions.