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Floating Dock Plans For Small Budgets

Our aluminum frame docks are wonderful. But many people want to build a quality, long lasting dock, for even less money. In the fall of 2010 our engineering team tackled this problem and came up with a selection of floating dock plans. These plans show you how to build a floating dock with pressure treated lumber and 55 gallon drums.

This is not your Grandfather’s wooden dock!

This is a radically new design that will help you build a floating dock that is strong, stable, long lasting, and amazingly affordable. These docks have many advantages over traditional wooden docks:

    • The frame of these docks is pressure treated 2x4s, 4x4s, and plywood. The wood is screwed and glued

together. The deck can be either treated plywood or 5/4×6 deck boards.

  • These docks employ a plywood truss running both directions and some subtle engineering tricks that keep the weight down while dramatically improving the strength.
  • To ensure longevity, these docks are designed to keep the wood well out of the water when the dock is not loaded.
  • Ice Proof – Anchor it in the fall and let it float up on the winter ice. In the spring it will look just the way you left it!
  • Build this dock for $6 to $8 a square foot, less than half the price of anything comparable.
    Click the following link for a list of plans and prices:


Floating Dock Plans Prices

Light and Strong:

  • As strong or stronger than conventional docks
  • Lighter than steel frame or pressure treated wood frame docks
  • More stable than “EZ-Dock” style poly-floats in the same dock dimensions
  • Up to 8 feet wide and 24 feet long.
  • Individual sections can rigidly connect on the water for up to 16×24′.
  • Easy Assembly – All you need is a circular saw and a portable drill (to drive screws).
  • Fast Assembly – Build a 6×16′ floating dock in less than 8 hours.



The dock shown above is 6′ wide and 16′ long. It weighs about 750lbs. With 10 barrels installed, it displaces about 4800lbs of water. You can see that with five people on board (over 700lbs) the dock remains stable even when we all move to one end. Nice!

The pictures above show our 6×16′ Floating Dock being loaded onto a trailer. This dock weighs 750lbs. Notice that the entire weight of the dock is being carried on the lips of just two of the barrels. This is further demonstration, not only of the strength of a poly drum, but the strength of the entire dock design.
Do not try this with a conventional floating dock!

Our Docks and Barges are assembled on a flat surface and then carried on a flatbed trailer to any standard launch ramp.



Philip Kazmierowicz

Philip C. Kazmierowicz is the founder of RollingBarge.com. Phil has a Masters in Computer Science. Over the past 7 years he studied computer aided design, structural engineering, and Naval Architecture. If you have any questions regarding Rolling Barge products please send a note through our Contact Us form and Phil will personally answer your question.

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