Floating Dock Kits

5 Reasons Why Rolling Barge’s Patent Pending
Floating Dock Design Surpasses Anything on the Market



Reason #1

Modular Design

All of our kits are built in 4 foot increments. You can choose any width or length you want. With the modular design, you can add length or width to your dock at anytime you want in the future.


Reason #2

Easy to ship

All parts are 4 feet or less in length. Orders are able to be shipped on a standard 4 foot pallet, significantly reducing shipping costs and making it easy to offload at your location.


Reason #3

Easy to Assemble

The heaviest part in our kits only weighs a few pounds. Easy to follow instructions coupled with light weight parts, makes assembly very easy. One person can put a kit together with just a couple wrenches and a cordless drill in a few hours.


Reason #4

Winter Hassles are Eliminated

Leave your dock in the water year round even if your lake freezes because ice can’t attach to the round curvature of the barrels. Your dock will pop up right on top of the ice.

Imagine…No hassles of removing your dock at the end of the summer and having to put it back in the spring.


Reason #5

Solves Dock Permitting Problems

Rolling Barge can issue you a US Coast Guard “Boat Certificate Of Origin” allowing you to register your dock as a boat. Many of our customers take advantage of this feature on lakes that do not allow docks or have high permitting costs. Your dock is now legally a boat.


Your Order includes

  • All parts for the frame kit self-drilling self-tapping deck screws
  • Easy to follow Instructions
  • Free Shipping

Not Included

  • Decking
  • Barrels
  • Assembly
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